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Dick Grasso

Former Chairman of the Board, Mr. Dick Grasso, and
the Gramercy Arts Ensemble during their performance at
The New York Stock Exchange.

The Gramercy Arts Ensemble strives for excellence and elegance in each and every performance. Our extensive experience qualifies us to satisfy the demanding requirements of our clients. That is why corporations and selective event planners choose us to perform at their most prestigious events. Our clients include Fortune 500 Corporations and a variety of small business enterprises.

The New York Stock Exchange celebrated an historic event commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the founding of The New York Stock Exchange. The Gramercy Arts Ensemble had the distinction of performing for the entire event. We were the only musical group to perform.

The Ensemble is perfect for small groups or audiences as large as a thousand people. We personalize your special occasion with suggestions of appropriate music for every aspect of your company function, and upon request will arrange musical selections. We specialize in corporate after-dinner and holiday concerts. Our enchanting music provides the perfect ambience for elegant cocktail parties and formal or casual dinner parties. Insured and amplified.

We have entertained for prominent clients such as:

The New York Stock Exchange - NYSE
Liberty Science Center
Johnson and Johnson
SmithKline Beecham
United Nations
General Electric
Cohen Brothers Realty
Price Waterhouse
Ortho McNeill
Ortho Biotech
Monmouth University
Fairleigh Dickinson University
American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Cambridge, MA

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